The Easy-Flow System consists of a pressurised container, spray gun and an electro-pneumatic control unit. The adhesive is fed in at the bottom of the pressurised container. As soon as the fill level in the interior of the container undershoots the minimum level, the user is informed by a control unit signal.

If the user does not start the filling process manually, the system switches off automatically and reduces the pressure. This prevents air getting into the pressurised container or the spray gun. If the container is not under pressure, it is automatically filled with adhesive. Once the maximum fill level has been reached, the system is once again pressurised and the user can continue with the work.


  • Delivers adhesive over long horizontal distances
  • Suitable for low room heights
  • Suitable for places that cannot be reached with a forklift
  • Suitable for several spray guns or workplaces
  • No long filling times


  1. Three-way ball valve
  2. 3/2-way solenoid valve
  3. Pneumatic rotary actuator
  4. Pressurized inlet fitting
  5. Fill level limit switch FTL 51
  6. Fill level limit switch FTL 20
  7. Spray gun
  8. Lid screws
  9. O-ring