SIMALFA® Free Flowing System

The especially for SIMALFA® developed Free Flowing System provides you with maximum efficiency in adhesive application. Reliable, convenient and absolutely simple to use. Attach hose, install box – and you’re ready to go. It’s as easy as that.

Best of all: The maintenance work is restricted to a minimum, since the system simply consists of a spray gun and a hose set. As the first provider worldwide of such a system, we manage completely without complicated conveyor equipment, such as pressurised containers or pumps.

Installation and switching of adhesive containers is correspondingly simple. With its rails and rollers, the system makes your work processes simpler than ever. Finally, we assist you in procuring the accessories.

The most reliable and affordable adhesive conveying system!

The development of the sophisticated SIMALFA® Free Flowing System is the result of our efforts to create innovative application procedures for our customers. It combines the use of gravity with special packaging, various individual components and a high volume, low pressure (HVLP) spray gun – leading to the development of the most reliable and affordable method of adhesive application.  

Your advantages in overview:

  • Low start-up investments
  • Optimised work processes
  • Uninterrupted operation
  • Material and energy-saving
  • Can be used for all packaging sizes
  • No unnecessary accessories needed (pumps / pressurised containers)
  • No care / maintenance
  • No filling
  • No adhesive impurification

Installation 20 kg box Installing a Free Flowing System with a 20 kg box is very simple. It is quick to set up and off you go.

Installation 500 kg container When it comes to larger consumption quantities, it is advisable to use the Free Flowing System with a 500 kg container. Install the adhesive station precisely where it’s needed.