Spray application

Manual application of SIMALFA® adhesives has many advantages for you – especially for small workpieces, complicated forms or special constructions. The sophisticated SIMALFA® spray guns and efficient Free Flowing System guarantee low investment costs and permit preactivation of the adhesive during spraying. Our experienced, technically skilled employees will be pleased to advise you on selecting the matching setup.

How do I set my spray gun correctly? Adjust your spray gun to your needs and achieve optimal application. We show you how.

How do I become an adhesive application specialist? If the spray gun is properly set, you can begin bonding. Learn here what you need to pay attention to and become a spraying expert.

Better spraying poster Increase process reliability with ease and help your employees to avoid overspray or other common mistakes in spray application. The poster on better spraying shows how to spray properly and quickly. Download the poster and print it by yourself or ask your SIMALFA® supervisor.