Overspray Free


Adhesive-users constantly face the problem that overspray arises during application. This “side effect” generally arises in the case of dispersion adhesives due to viscosity and other factors. Material that occurs as overspray is not used and gets lost.


The SIMALFA® Overspray Free Technology generates a net-like spray pattern during application. This prevents individual adhesive particles from swirling and producing overspray. With this new OF technology, foam and upholstery materials can be bonded immediately without producing overspray. A real guarantee for a clean and safe working environment. And best of all: This technology is now also available for the first time for 2-component systems.


  • Clean working surfaces and environment
  • High precision
  • Less adhesive waste
  • Less maintenance work
  • Different application options (automatic spray application)
  • Bonds to a wide range of surfaces
  • Very short drying times
  • High yield
  • High instant tack
  • Fast work process
  • One-sided bonding
  • Repositionable
  • High temperature resistance
  • Soft glue lines
  • Solvent-free

Spray pattern

SIMALFA® Overspray Free

Spray pattern

Traditional water based adhesive

Areas of use

Foam converting, mattresses and upholstery industry, transportation, packaging, etc.

Most bonded materials

Used for all kinds of upholstery applications and materials, such as foams, cloth, polyester wool, cotton, wood, plastic, cardboard, rubber, leather, artificial leather or non-woven.

Application types