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The solvent-free adhesives in the SIMALFA® series have been a genuine alternative to solvent based adhesives for years and have established themselves as the standard in many industries.

Excellent instant tack, extremely flexible bond lines and great heat resistance are what characterise the solvent-free SIMALFA® adhesives. The wide range of uses and the ability to reposition sprayed parts before bonding have convinced customers around the world.

Different materials, different applications, different demands of the individual industries – in this complex field we ensure that you will always find the best solution.

  • Different materials generate different requirements, which have to be met. SIMALFA® always provides a solution - irrespective of whether with spray- or roller application.
  • SIMALFA® adhesives provide outstanding instant tack and in this way ensure fast and efficient processing of all kinds of foam.
  • A great many materials are bonded to each other (also under tension) in the upholstery industry. Wherever foam is used, SIMALFA® can also be found.
  • The automotive industry, aviation, shipping and public transport have special demands on end products. SIMALFA® means you are perfectly equipped for them.
  • SIMALFA® offers the matching solution for every type of packaging with foam inserts and in this way provides the optimal protective effect for all kinds of products.
  • SIMALFA® adhesives are ideal for use in heat and sound insulation. A wide range of insulation materials can be processed.
  • SIMALFA® adhesives are outstandingly suitable for numerous special applications - from the shoe industry and saddleries to applications in cultural institutions or medicine & rehabilitation.