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  • Different materials generate different requirements, which have to be met. SIMALFA® always provides a solution - irrespective of whether with spray- or roller application.
  • SIMALFA® adhesives provide outstanding instant tack and in this way ensure fast and efficient processing of all kinds of foam.
  • A great many materials are bonded to each other (also under tension) in the upholstery industry. Wherever foam is used, SIMALFA® can also be found.
  • The automotive industry, aviation, shipping and public transport have special demands on end products. SIMALFA® means you are perfectly equipped for them.
  • SIMALFA® offers the matching solution for every type of packaging with foam inserts and in this way provides the optimal protective effect for all kinds of products.
  • SIMALFA® adhesives are ideal for use in heat and sound insulation. A wide range of insulation materials can be processed.
  • SIMALFA® adhesives are outstandingly suitable for numerous special applications - from the shoe industry and saddleries to applications in cultural institutions or medicine & rehabilitation.