Project Description

The mobile spray wall

The ALFA SPRAY WALL 76 meets the highest health and legal requirements. Usable on stationary as well as on mobile workspaces the ALFA SPRAY WALL 76 provides an effective suction.

The ALFA SPRAY WALL 76 is equipped with a direct driven powerful high performance fan. The sucked air is cleaned via a 3-fold filter system and directed upwards. The spray wall is available in various sizes.


  • High quality workmanship
  • galvanized sheet steel
  • 3-fold filter system
  • easy filter change
  • sound and EX protected engine
  • adjustable baffles


PapiervolumenfilterPaper volume filter (art. no. 54617)

VorfilterPrefilter glue-stop (art. no. 54357)

  • High quality fibre glass medium
  • Colour: green/white
  • Temperature resistance up to 180°C
  • Silicon-free and free of paint-damaging substan

FeinfilterFine filter glue-stop (art. no. 54355)

  • High performance filter medium made of break-proof fibre
  • Post-filtration, colour: white
  • Silicon-free and free of paint-damaging substance
  • Temperature-resistant up to 80°C, fire protection according to DIN 53438 (F1)
  • Classification according to DIN EN 779: G4