Project Description


The Primus in the 1K+ design is configured for the On-Demand System. The switch for the accelerator is at an easily accessible location on the side of the trigger lever and can be attached on both sides (left/right-handed)

The modern design of the SIMALFA® Primus spray gun is strikingly elegant, simple and sturdy. Thanks to the low number of components, maintenance of the gun could not be simpler. In the spirit of: less is more!

The more ergonomic form further improves handling and guarantees fatigue-free handling over a lengthy period. The Primus is the result of our many years of experience and research in this area of use and represents a major technological lead.

The SIMALFA® Primus is perfectly adapted to the application of SIMALFA® and provides a perfect spray pattern.

Your advantages:

  • Easy operation
  • Material-saving application
  • Easy maintenance
  • Designed for the tried-and-tested SIMALFA® Free Flowing System
  • Tried-and-tested, durable and ergonomic