Free Flowing Rack

Free Flowing Rack 2018-11-30T10:34:38+00:00

Project Description

The ideal supplement for the SIMALFA® Free Flowing SystemM

The movable stand allows you to reach workplaces that are far apart quickly and safely. Four stable rollers, two with brakes, permit changing places easily and safely.

The telescopic rod can be extended easily to about 2500 mm. The height can be reduced to about 1700 mm for space-saving storage of the system. The extremely sturdy structure is additionally stabilised by the use of two standard commercial paving slabs.

The system is suitable for the use of 10 and 20 kg SIMALFA® boxes.

Double holder

The stand is also available with a double carton holder for the use of a SIMALFA® 1K+ or 2K system.

Pneumatic height adjustment

The stand can be fitted with pneumatic height adjustment for additional convenience and a particularly pleasant workflow. Also available as add-on kit.