Project Description

Amazingly Simple

The simplicity of the SIMALFA® spray gun G11 is striking. Everything the user needs to apply SIMALFA® is where it should be. Everything that’s not needed has been left out.
As a result, this tool has become an easy-to-handle, low-maintenance precision instrument.

The spray gun has of course been tuned for our Free Flowing System and optimised to achieve the best possible bonding results with our SIMALFA® adhesives.

The G11 is extremely light for a spray gun, and this makes it usuable for long periods.

The basic version of the G11 can be effortlessly converted into a G11 1K+ or for 2K adhesives. We can supply you with corresponding conversion kits. The assembly is very easy.

Your advantages:

  • Easy operation
  • Easy maintenance
  • Designed for the tried-and-tested SIMALFA® Free Flowing System
  • Tried-and-tested, durable and ergonomic