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  • 2014

    SIMALFA® 820 OF the first overspray-free two-component adhesive system on the market. The adhesive has the strong instant tack of a two-component system without at the same time producing unwanted overspray.

  • 2013

    Introduction of the rollable and sprayable SIMALFA® 3031. Strong instant bonding, fast drying and setting.

    The new chlorine- and as a result halogen-free foamed plastic adhesive SIMALFA® 3702 on dispersion basis meets the strictest requirements of future regulations and ecolabels. Its great instant and final bonding represent the standard of future foam bonding technology.

  • 2012

    SIMALFA® 315 OF: We are proud to present what is worldwide the first frost-resistant wet-bonding contact adhesive on dispersion basis for foamed plastic bonding. The adhesive is frost-resistant to at least -15 °C and does not need to be protected against low temperatures. At the same time SIMALFA® 315 OF possesses excellent instant tack in foam applications.

  • 2011

    Introduction of the SIMALFA® On-Demand-System (with patent application), which makes 2K systems superfluous.

    Development and introduction of SIMALFA® 303, the water based adhesive for spray applications.

  • 2010

    Introduction of the new SIMALFA® 335 OF. Thanks to the new OF-technology, there is no more overspray during spraying.

    SIMALFA® 302 – the new water based adhesive for spray applications.

  • 2009

    Development and introduction of SIMALFA® UV Technology: water based adhesive for spray and roller-application visible under black light lamps (UV light).

    Erste Präsentation an der Interzum 2009 in Köln.

  • 2008

    Development and introduction of SIMALFA® 325: water based adhesive for spray application with soft and highly flexible glue line.

  • 2007

    Development and introduction of SIMALFA® 335: water-based adhesive for spray and roller application.

    First demonstrations at the K-Messe in Dusseldorf.

  • 2006

    Development and introduction of SIMALFA® 807: water based adhesive for roller application with flexible adhesive seam.

  • 2005

    The world innovations SIMALFA® 308 FR and SIMALFA® 3095 are launched as the first wet-bonding contact adhesives on dispersion basis with flame-resistant features.

    Both adhesives meet the requirements according to FAR/JAR 25.853, DIN 5510-2 and IMO FTPC Part 5.

  • 2004

    Development and introduction of SIMALFA® 321: water based adhesive for spray application, excellent adhesion and tack to polyolefin plastics like PP and PE.

  • 2003

    Development and introduction of SIMALFA® 800: one-sided rollable dispersion adhesive with high instant adhesion.

  • 2002

    Development and introduction of SIMALFA® 3096: worldwide first water based adhesive for roller application on CR basis.

  • 2001

    Patent issue: US 6319352 water based adhesive with instant adhesion.

  • 1997

    Patent issue: Euro 634624

  • 1995

    Development and introduction of SIMALFA® 309: water based adhesive for spray application with improved instant adhesion.

    Unveiled at Interzum 1995 in Cologne.

  • 1994

    Invention and launch of SIMALFA® Free Flowing Systems, the unique adhesive transfer system for dispersion adhesives.

  • 1993

    Development and introduction of SIMALFA® 308: worldwide first water-based adhesive for spray application with instant adhesion!

    Unveiled at Interzum 1993 in Cologne.

  • 1989

    Start of SIMALFA® developments: solvent-free water based adhesives with instant adhesion for foamed-plastic processing industry.